It has been a year

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It has been a year since my dad passed away, and I still miss him so much; time sure flies by so fast. Dad was sick since January 2009, cancer infected his stomach and spread to his kidney.

I still remember the last day he was with us on Kaamatan Day, watching TV and having a little chat together at night before he was going to sleep. Early morning the next day, dad was in great pain and we have to send him to the hospital; I thought he was going to be OK.

About 9AM, I went back to the hospital just to see my dad lying on the bed speechless; I was totally devastated to see my dad like this. His hand was cold, so I tried to warm them up with my hands; dad could not speak but he could hear out words clearly; he cried.

I see his tears coming out.. and I cried too. I was to ally unable to do anything but crying, just speaking by his ear hoping some miracle could ever happen. Not long after that, my dad passed away. all of us in that room cried.

If there is one regret I have ever felt so deep, this would be it; not able to do anything to save dad.

My dad was 49, cancer claimed his life.

I hold myself not to cry hard at my dad’s funeral; for all this time… my scar still bleeds. As the eldest son of the family, I’m now taking my dad’s role to take care of my family; I never had the chance to repay him for what he has been done to me and the family.

My dad’s past history was quite interesting, that’s why I respect him so much. Conquered Mt. Kinabalu at the age of 17, flew to Iraq to work when he was 20; the moving on working at Singapore and Brunei before settled down with my mom.

Photos of him at those days was still kept safe by us until now. He was a great cook and a great handyman; he will do anything in order to keep his family well taken care of. He is also popular with his friends, he make more friends than making enemies; always helping a friend in need.

Now he’s gone in our life, just some memories and pictures are left. Eventually sometimes I bumped into my dad’s old friend and I told the about my father’s passing.

And life goes on, for I am now the man of the house.





Dad, you are the greatest father in the whole world…

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5 Responses

  1. AngeL BeaR says:

    I understand your loss and your grief. My dad lost his battle over brain cancer in 2001 and till now I am still trying to move on and get over with it.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Deanona says:

    be strong buddy! 🙂

  3. HoneyBUZZin says:

    Lost a sister many years back…I was there at the grieving road…
    take strong.

  4. Rungitom says:

    Thanks everyone, I don't know how long will this wound heal. But I will be strong to keep my family together.

  5. nc says:

    ur dad would have been very proud of u 🙂 keep the faith

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