KK Old building and Graffiti: Pictorial

keywords: kota kinabalu, old building, sabah, graffiti, pictorial

Well here is pictures I took around the old building I mentioned in my previous blog post.


nice one!

nice one!

Arts17 Arts16 Arts15

cute rabbit owh

cute rabbit owh

Arts13 Arts12 Arts10 Arts010 Arts09 Arts08 Arts07

gintaro, toytom and mr comic

gintaro, toytom and mr comic

Arts06 Arts5 Arts05 Arts3 Arts04

reminds me of Ichigo’s hollow mask (Bleach)

reminds me of Ichigo’s hollow mask (Bleach)

To be continued on Part 2





Only the truth is revolutionary ~ Graffiti quote

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2 Responses

  1. Aly89 says:

    Smart lah da graffiti all..they're so creative & talented…it's just that they need a better channel than that one abandoned building at KK..:)

  2. Rungitom says:

    But this is a great start, I like what they have done.

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