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This pic… pretty well sums up everything that I have in my mind right now, torn between two choices that I have to make. Stay on current job or fly away to a new one. I took a leave to attend a job interview at a new place on Monday, they give me until the next day to decide to work with them or not. The next day (I called) I decided to work with them, but…

Current boss say “Don’t Go”, new boss say “You’re Hired”; I sent my resignation letter though, hoping it will all be fine. Things would have been fine if you pay me full every month, its hard to budget if you give half the salary and the other half later on.

Thats the reason I’m seeking another job that could give me full pay equal to my effort in work. And no, I don’t have any grudges against them; just the pay part thats really annoying. Even my mom urged me to find another job because of this.

About the new workplace, it is a little more competitive; and I have to be stationed into another district(Kota Marudu) for 6 to 9 months before heading back to K.K.

New experiences and may be even harder work-style; well, beats slacking off at work doing nothing.
But seriously… I’m torn apart here.





Why does it have to be so complicated to think about it?

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7 Responses

  1. JanGkiE says:

    keja jak ba boss~ besa la 2.. its good for u also.. earn a new exp~ hehe~ good luck pal~!!

  2. Analog Girl says:

    life is better with change…so I congratulate u for making a change in ur life…bravo!!never mind the distance…i think u'll be just fine 🙂

  3. The Royal`s says:

    Mana2 tampat pun grenti ada2 ja problem, tapi once opportunity ada, just grab it. Redah ja tu. Just take it as a step for better future 😉

  4. Gladys David says:

    Hohoho… tahniah kerana menjadi pekerja rebutan XD

    This decision is only for you to make, whichever path you choose I'd say: GOOD LUCK!!

  5. Dewi Batrishya says:

    well.. well.. well.. what do u know…
    U already made a decision..
    No use crying over spilt milk.. XP
    Competition will always be there.
    It's one brutal force to keep u moving forward.
    Just believe in yourself! Do your best!
    The rest will work like magic!

  6. HoneyBUZZin says:

    Your boss(now)should know better the reason you wanna quit..It's pretty frustfrating if the paycheck is split to half when you have bills to settle.
    Guessed, wind of change wld be of better luck.
    Whatever decision you make my friend, I wish u the best.

  7. Rungitom says:

    Thank you for all the feedbacks ladies & gentlemen ^_^

    Yep, Rungitom is moving on to level… err dunno what level now, new workplace, new environment

    @Jangkie: thanks,I will experience another level of work life.

    @Analog Girl: did I change? lol, as long as I do it right, everything will be fine.

    @The Royal's: I grabbed this opportunity, hard or not I will go through it all.

    @Gladys: Rebutan? ehehe, I have made my decision. Diving into a new dimension in my work life.

    @Dewi: oh, I did? 😛 , I never cried for a spilled milk, I 'll go buy a new one. Competition? yes, I'm going to face it like nobody else.

    @Honey: That's what I need for this year… "Transition"

    Will be on my new job next week, wish me luck 😉

    but first… finishing some unfinished work before my last day.

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