100 Reasons – 100 เหตุผล

You don’t need a 100 reasons to post a music blog entry on Sundays, you only need one! That is…filling each day of the month of May with 1 blog post!

At least that is how I planned since May 1st. I know its sound crazy, but this helps me in terms of to crank up the old engine of creativity and having me churn out fresh content for my blog. I did the same thing on doing artworks as well. I do hope that this short term plan will grow even bigger in the future.

100 เหตุผล

So back to the topic, this particular song I wanted to share with you today, was also discovered from music CD called “Thailand Love Song” that I borrowed from my brother many years ago. The label was not clear/understandable on the leaflet, using the file browser I only found the name Ster – Roihekpum 100.

It was not until pretty recently that I discovered that the name was actually 100 เหตุผล / Roy Het Pon (One Hundred Reasons). This has become one of the few favourite Thai songs in my life so far, others include New & Jiew, Sek Loso, Thongchai “Bird” McIntyre and Palmy.

So enjoy the song, have a great Sunday, Stay At Home, Stay Safe!

Ster – 100 เหตุผล / Roy Het Pon (One Hundred Reasons)

Lyric source: deungdutjai.com (please visit the link for full translation of the lyrics)

Kon tee koey mee gun pook pun jing jai
Kon tee koey huang yai mai koey hern hahng
Wun lae keun tee dee gumlung jeut jahng
Pror arai wun nee tur dtaung gahn jahk bpai

Dtahn tahn soot raeng tum bpai
Yahk hai tur nun hen jai
Kor raung fung chun suk noy suk krung dai mai

Tur aht mee roy het pon tee tur ja bpai
Dtae chun mee piang het pon diao ja hai tur yoo
Fung siang hua jai kaung chun laeo tur aht ja roo
Het pon diao mee yoo gor keu ruk tur

Saung meu aun lae lah ja deung rung wai
Hua jai dtaek salai ja waun kor tur
Kah gun tur kon dee dtae yah dern nee chun bpai
Kaht tur suk kon chun kong kaht jai

Het pon tee chun yoo gor keu ruk tur




The reason I’m alive is because I love you


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