The Drive

What drives you?

To do your work, to achieve something, to get that thing that you always wanted…

Each individual have their unique catalyst to get their drive into first gear.

What about me?

I don’t have one, did I lost it? I don’t know…

I live each day just to fulfill the daily task without even setting a goal to achieve. As a result, just look at my blog, neglected.

What drives me when I wanted to start drawing? It all started with a weird dream.

What drives me when I insist on travelling abroad to study? The urge to get out of my hometown, and somehow be on par with my dad’s travel experience.

And now? Nothing, through the years I’m being more and more complacent each day; thus making me less sensitive and feel life goes just like that.

I need to find it back, the catalyst which brings back my drive to survive, to accomplish, to get what I desire.

If I don’t have it back, then…







What drives you?

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1 Response

  1. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    hm…i never really thought of that. Just the feeling of wanting to complete the day, doing whatever task i have the best i can do. the feeling of accomplishment. that's what drives me.

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