Drops of Jupiter

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Life has been interesting and fun as I venture deep into the telecommunication industry; I’ve learned many new things, met new friends which I respect and adore, learn marketing and sales, get a chance to learn more about smartphones and learn how to be fast paced and alert at all times; no more slacking off I say.

Will be off to Kota Marudu very soon and face the ultimate test of my skill; do or die, will be doing my very best to reach my ultimate goal. Going to so busy now but I will try to manage my time and internet connection to update my stories for you my fellow readers ^_^


Took this on my last trip there, the Banggi Journey

Wish me luck guys 🙂

Oh, and why is my post title “Drops of Jupiter“? I’m listening to a song of the same title by Train; reminds me of my great memories I had listening to the most awesome radio station ever in Malaysia…







Transition has already been done, now it is time to face the ultimate test…

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3 Responses

  1. nc says:

    mcm sa penah dgr sja lagu tajuk ni tau..hehe 🙂

    nyway.. gud luck in ur new job 😉

  2. Dewi Batrishya says:

    wow.fm? Baru ka?
    Dui Gia. cedeynya x dpt dgr radio.. >.<

  3. Rungitom says:

    @nc: its a song by Train, the band who is now popular with the song "Hey Soul Sister"

    @Dewi: The radio is no longer on air. But no other other radio station could be as awesome as WOW FM 😀

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