Rungitom September Recap

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Life, it has been a hard one but still manageable to me. Work life is very challenging and I have hard times catching up, nevertheless I gained much knowledge and life lessons. I learned how to be more sensitive, move forward in advance, empowering writing skills and many more. I’m not quite achieved the very best for now, but I’m definitely on the right track. I just need to work harder… and work to achieve, not work to impress the boss.

I lost the thing that I have cherished for years, it still hurts me deep inside my heart, leaving an empty hollow echoing my sorrow. There was no more turning back, so it is all up to me to deal with the pain and live on.

Life goes on and anything goes, I will make sure that I live my life to the fullest and help my friends and families in need. Doesn’t matter if the hated me, be jealous of me, or trying to hurt me in some way; I will not betray them or make them sick or sad. As I said to one of my friend before…

Nakama will always be nakama. Even if I would be forgotten, I will always be their great friend. I also reminisce some of my old times and also my late father’s old times. Great memories are not to be forgotten just like that, they are the greatest treasure even if the world is no longer there…

This month marks my first CameraWorks gallery to be created, I love camera works and I plan to go further in it if conditions permits.

More to come for October, new header design will be coming soon, my Zanscare Legacy stories to be updated and more life stories to be shared… stay updated!






Life goes on, anything goes!

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