October: Colours

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Last night I was brainstorming ideas for my new blog header image, this month theme would be “Colours”. I But kept deleting and re-edit the header image last night because it doesn’t seems to fit my feelings.


These are some of the images that I previously used on my earlier versions of “Colours” header. Finding the right font was not easy too, I don’t want to be stuck in the same old font over and over again every month, so dafont.com is the best site for me to get some great fonts. And finally this morning, after finalizing font type and found the right image on Google, the header is now complete and you can see it right up there.

Why “Colors”?

It is just a way for me to convey things to come for next month, so this month would be double busy for work and my personal mini project. And I do hope to complete it before the end of the month, Ground Zero will be quite busy this month.







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  1. Michelle Sung says:

    ouww~love your header! =) colors..

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