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So I didn’t buy anything from my wishlist from the last post. I decided to buy something for my eyes; lately I always feel irritation in my eyes from the constant viewing computer monitor. Bright sunlight and dark night makes it hard for me to see clearly. The last time I wear specs was in 2006, got broken but never fix it; I go specs-less up until now.

The last time Tom wore specs

Ah yes… those were the days

After office hours on Wednesday, I went to Wisma Merdeka to find a good place for me to get s new set of additional eyes. I finally decided to go in First Vision eye-wear shop after circling the ground floor area many times. Greeted with this tall Chinese guy, I asked about the cheapest frames that could be found here; I finally chose a frame by Zeon Eyework. Somehow the frame attracted me to buy it, simple and fitting. There goes a little bit of asking, choosing frames and getting my eyes checked. Looks like my eyes is more complicated than I am.

“Rabun jauh ada, rabun dekat ada, rabun malam pun ada”

Aiya~ that bad? Oh well, and here comes the eye test, conducted by his assistant.


Read all out aloud

I failed to read the most bottom letters a few times, but after a minor lens change and adjusting I finally got a lens setting which is suitable for me. The guy said that I’m going to wait for 30 minutes for my new pair of specs to be finished made. So I have a meal at the food court, killing time before coming back again.

Specs is ready, all have been paid, I put on the specs for the first time in many years, I feel all the world is clearer, brighter…

I can see forever kitteh

Felt a bit dizzy too, my eyes have to adjust and synchronize with my new specs. They also gave me these special spectacle case:

My camera phone is quite bad in night-shot.

My camera phone is quite bad in night-shot.

Attack of the zebra!

Attack of the zebra!

So from now on, Rungitom is going 4-Eyed HD… no Astro Beyond decoder & HD TV required.

Rungitom go HD

Rungitom go HD

Until next time, note to self; practice to be more productive and energetic.





The spectacles of experience; through them you will see clearly a second time ~ Henrik Ibsen

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7 Responses

  1. Deanona says:

    somehow u look like my brother with the spec on. hihi.. =)

  2. Rungitom says:

    Haha, really? I looked like everyone, everywhere I go, every new friends I met. 😀

  3. Dewi Batrishya says:

    HuaHuaHua.. Nice choice!
    Lookin' sophisticated. 🙂
    Like the cat say:
    Now you can see forever! 😛 haha..

  4. Rungitom says:

    Well, almost seeing forever 😛

  5. Analog Girl says:

    yea i remember the times when u used to wear those specs. always wonder why u didn't wear it anymore after awhile. why didn't u opt for contacts?

  6. Rungitom says:

    Contacts are kinda complicated, more complicate. I broke the last specs, and didn't change it up until now

  1. April 2, 2013

    […] the time when I blog about how got my new specs back in 2010? I got a new pair of spectacles/eyeglass, since I lost my old one in November.  Its about time […]

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