Mocha flavored fansign

*Be advised that the images that you are about to see is a bit NSFW

Hey hey hey, wassup guys… and you lovely ladies. So uh, next in my list is The Fansign. What is fansign?

Well, a fansign is made when you pose to take picture of yourself, while holding a piece of paper written with your message; (eg, I heart Rungitom) OR you pose with the message written on certain parts of your body (eg, palm, wrist, your back, your tummy, your boobies).  And what so special about this fansign that I’m about to show to you? Hold your horses!, first, I want to introduce the person behind the fansign with my name written on it.

Born Margaux Uson, her stage name is Mocha Uson, a gorgeous babe from Philippines from which I know her first as a blogger ( She is well known for her work as lead vocalist for the Mocha Girls. She also do other stuffs like modelling and show hosting.

I was lucky enough to get a fansign pic from Mocha, and here it is,

What do you think, nice? ehehehe. That is a real one, no photochop ok. You can see the original post here.






So sexy yo~♫

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