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Well, I got this story got from a text file I saved a long time ago(College days); it contains story about believing in God. Credit goes for the original poster of this story; wherever he/she may be; this story have a funny ending.
“Believing in Jesus doesn’t make sense in science.” a philosophy professor says during lecture. He then pauses awhile, then calls a freshman to stand, and says,
“student so-and-so, are you a Christian?” 
“Yes sir, I am.” 
“So you must believe in God?” 
“Of course.” 
“Then is God kind?” 
“Of course. God is kind.” 
“Is God all powerful? There’s nothing that he can’t do, right?” 
“How about you? Are you kind or evil?” 
“The Bible says I have sin.” 
The professor smiles with a grin, “Haha, Bible.” Pausing awhile, he says,
“If a fellow student in the class is sick, and you have the power to heal him, will you heal him? At least a try?” 
“Then you are kind……” 
“I can’t say that for sure.” 
“Why can’t you? You see others having trouble, and help…… the majority of us will do likewise, except that God doesn’t help.” 
Then there’s silence.
“God doesn’t help, isn’t that right? My brother was a Christian, he got cancer, asked Jesus to heal him, but he died. Is God kind? How could you explain this?” 
There is no answer. The old professor has pity on him, and says,
“You can’t explain, right?”
He takes the cup on his desk and has a sip, so that the student can take a breath. It’s his plan to give him some room so that he’ll fall into the deeper net.
“Let’s start our discussion from afresh. Is God kind?” 
“errr…… yes.” 
“Is the devil kind or evil?” 
“Now, why does the devil exist?” 
The student doesn’t know how to respond. 
“It’s……it’s……it’s because God made him.” 
“Oh yes, the devil was created by God, right?”
The old professor combs his thin scalp with his boney fingers, then says with a smile to the whole class,
“Everyone, I’m sure you’d find this semester’s philosophy unit interesting.” 
Then he turns back to the student and says, “Does the world have evil?”
“The world is full with evil, right? Isn’t everything in the world created by God?” 
“The who created evil?” 
There is no answer.
“Doesn’t the world have many immoralities? There’s hatred, ugliness… all sorts of evil, isn’t there?”
The student starts to fidget, then manages to answer,
“There is.” 
“And where do these evils come from?” 
There is no answer.
Suddenly the old professor raises his voice, says, “Come on, who made them? Say it, who made them?” 
He then has his face close to the student’s and says with a light but firm voice, “God made these evils, right?” 
There is no answer.
That student tries to turn his glance at the professor, but in the end lowers his gaze. The old professor suddenly turns around, walk back and forth in front of the class, like an old black panther. The students enter into a hypnotised trance.
Now the old professor starts again, “God created all these evils, and these evils continue endlessly. This begs the question; How can God be kind?” 
The professor keeps waving his arms and hands, and says, “The world is full of hatred, violence, pain, death, conflicts, ugliness… all these are made by this kind God, right?” 
There is no answer.
“Isn’t the world then full of disasters?” 
He then stops, then has his face close to the student’s again, and says softly, “Is God kind?” 
There is no answer.
“Do you believe in Jesus?” He asks again.
That student answers with a trembling voice, “Yes sir, I believe.” 
The professor shakes his head in disappointment, and says,
“According to science, we observe and understand all things around us, using the 5 senses. May I ask this student here, Have you seen Jesus?” 
“No sir. I haven’t seen.” 
“Then, have you heard His voice?” 
“I haven’t heard His voice.” 
“Have you touched Jesus? Or tasted? Smelled Him? Have you ever used your 5 senses to feel God?”
There is no answer. 
“Please answer my question.” 
“Sir, I think I haven’t.” 
“You think you haven’t? Or you really haven’t?” 
“I haven’t used my 5 senses to be in touch with God.” 
“But you still believe in God?” 
The old professor smiles wickedly, “That really requires faith! But what science emphasises are hypotheses, experiments, and demonstration proofs types of methods, and according to these methods, your God doesn’t exist. Right? What have you to say? Where is your God?” 
The student can’t respond.
“Please sit down.” 
That student sits down, and feels really defeated inside.
At this time, another student holds his hand up, and asks, “Sir, may I say something?” 
The old professor responds with a smile, “Of course.” 
This student asks, “Sir, does this world have heat?” 
The professor answers, “Of course there is.” 
“What about coldness?” 
“There is also.” 
“Sir, you are wrong. Coldness doesn’t exist.” 
The old professor’s face is frozen still. The air in the classroom also freezes.
This bold student continues, “Heat is an energy, and can be measured. We have ‘very hot’, ‘extra hot’, ‘extremely hot’, ‘melting hot’, ‘steaming hot’, ‘little bit hot’, ‘not hot’, but no coldness— Of course, temperature can be lowered to -458 degrees, or no heat whatsoever, but this is the very limit, and can be lowered no further.”
“Coldness isn’t an energy. If it is, then we should be able to keep lowering the temperature, even beyond -458 degrees. But we can’t. “Coldness” is a word used only to describe a state of no heat. We cannot measure the level of “coldness”, we use a “thermo”meter. Coldness isn’t a type of energy that exists in opposite to heat, but is only a state of no heat.” 
The classroom becomes so quiet that even a dropped penny can be heard.
“Sir”, that student again asks, “Does the world have darkness?” 
“That’s rubbish! If there isn’t darkness, how can there be night? What are you trying to ask…?” 
“Sir, are you saying that there’s darkness?” 
“Sir, you’re wrong again! Darkness doesn’t exist, it’s only a state of lacking light. Light can be categorised as “dim light”, “bright light”, “glaring light”, “flashing light”, and darkness itself doesn’t exist. This word is only used to describe a state of no light. If there is darkness, then you can increase the level of darkness, or give me a bottle of darkness. Sir, could you give me a bottle of darkness?” 
The professor looks at this bold student, full of his own arguments, and smiles. This semester’s going to be a lot of fun, he thinks. “My student, what are you trying to say?”
The student responds, “Sir, I’m trying to say, the assumptions of your philosophy was wrong from the beginning, that’s why even the conclusion is wrong.” 
“Wrong……? How dare you!” The professor becomes angry.
“Sir, please allow me to explain.” All the students are now whispering among themselves.
“Explain……mmm……explain……” The professor finally manages to compose himself.
When at long last he has calmed himself down, he made a sign, to get the class to quiet down also, so as to allow this student to continue.
The student says, “Sir, what you said earlier, is an argument of two extremes. That is to say, if there’s life, there’s death. if there’s a good god, then there’s also a bad god. When you debated about God earlier, what you used was a view limited by extremities.”
“You saw God as a thing which can be subject to measures, but science can’t even explain the concept of “human thinking”. Science uses electricity, and also magnetism, yet electricity can’t be seen, nor can magnetism.”  
“Of course, science still can’t explain everything about them. Seeing death as the opposite of life, is ignorance of what death is. Death cannot exist independently. Death isn’t the counter side of life, but is the loss of life.” 
Saying thus, he takes a gazette from the fellow student sitting next to him, saying, “This is morally the cheapest publication in our nation, but does it mean that there is such thing as indecency?” 
“Of course there’s such thing as indecency……” 
“Sir, you’re wrong again. Indecency is in fact lack of morality. And, is there such thing as “unfairness”? No, “unfairness” is only a loss of fairness. Is there such thing as “evil”? 
The student pauses a bit, then continues, “Evil is just a state of losing kindness?” 
The old professor is now red with infuriation, and nothing could come out of him.
That student continues, “Sir, it’s the very reason why we can both be kind, and unkind, that we are said to have the freedom of choice.” 
The professor replies in contempt, “As a professor, I only see facts. God isn’t something that can be observed.” 
“Sir, do you believe in evolution?” 
“Of course.” 
“Then have you ever seen evolution in progress?” 
The professor just blankly stares at the student.
“Sir, since no one has ever seen the process of evolution, and at the same time nor can anyone prove that all animals are in the process of evolution, then the evolution theory that you scientists are teaching, isn’t it just a bare statement of your presumptions?” 
“Are you finished yet?” The old professor is getting impatient.
“Sir, do you believe in God’s laws on morality?” 
“I only believe in science.” 
“Oh. Science!” 
The student says, “Sir, what you’ve said is right: science requires observation, otherwise, it can’t be accepted or believed. But haven’t you realised this assumption is wrong by right of itself?” 
“How can science be wrong?” 
All students are in an uproar.
When everyone quiets down, the student says, “Sir, may I use an example. Who in this class has seen your brain?” 
The whole class bursts into laughter.
The student continues, “Which one of us has heard our professor’s brain, touched it, tasted it, or heard your brain before?” 
No one has this experience.
The student says, “Then can we say that the professor has NO brains!!” 
The whole class can’t stop laughing…

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. ~ Saint Augustine

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