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Tuesday is the the day where I have my first ever movie marathon, watching Iron Man 2 and followed by Ip Man 2. Since that I will be going back to Kota Marudu on Wednesday, I’m game on.


So yeah, the secret is no longer a secret; Tony Stark admits he is Iron Man to the world. Now he is faced with the government that wants his suit, industrial rivalry Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko that seeks revenge on him.

The story itself touches more to Tony Stark’s life rather that the Iron Man itself; how he felt disoriented as he tried to find a cure to his own sickness. Few funny scenes and dialogues adds a little flavour to it; as well as the “its complicated” relationship between Tony and Virginia “Pepper” Pots.

Ivan Vanko (Played by Mickey Rourke) is Whiplash, an equivalent to Tony in terms of knowledge and a badass antagonist; he got this aura of coolness and no one is getting in his way to reach his goal. And lets not forget the hot Scarlett Johansson who played Natalie Rushman / Natasha Romanoff.


I’m a bit disappointed with the ultimate final battle though, It was too short to mention. But still its a great movie worth watching.


Ip Man 2 continues the story of the legendary Wing Chun master, stories about his hard times in Hong Kong. The movie is packed with actions and many emotional scenes, my heard raced with every fighting scenes; I felt that the fight was so real and captivating.

The final battle scene was the best, even better that the previous movie; imagine how you could send a thousand punches in a matter of seconds. The movie portrays a superb fighting scene, and you will not be bored watching it many times.

So that wraps up my movie marathon for the day, will do it again next time for other new movies to come.






Crazy over movies? well kind of…

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  1. HoneyBUZZin says:

    Friends told me, IPman was good….

  2. Rungitom says:

    Oh yes it is ^_^

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