Rungitom February recap

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What a day! what a month it was! Time sure flies by so fast when you are so busy! woot!~

February Recap

This month is the most busiest and intense month I have ever experienced before. What supposed to be a small task suddenly out of nowhere, gets piled up with torrents of works.

Seem that these works handed to me should be handled by somebody else, but that somebody have a way to push everything to me to do it. They go Facebooking and play games while I do all the mind breaking task which have to be done fast. Frustrated by them, so I re-invoke blocking DNS to block social networking website.

No more Facebook!“Who is laughing now?”

Workplace condition was getting worse, the Boss sacked the good staff and left out the bad staff who is a “Kaki Ampu” and a “Pemalas yang selalu main Facebook”. The Manager who is just next table to me is the latest to be sacked, I REALLY don’t know what the reason for this, its all bulls***!!. I don’t know how the future of this company will be.

Enough about that…The month of February is also a special one this year, Chinese New Year and St. Valentine’s Day celebrated in the same day. 14th of February marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, which is also my year.

I usually logged in to Facebook, Blogger and Borneocolours taking time before starting to work at 9:00AM or in my full free time; but now I have to stop it to finish tons of work first. I managed to squeeze some time to post blog and check blogger updates also logged in to Facebook and Borneocolours occasionally, but thats it.

Sometimes when I have a little time, I always do some tests at my test blog to find suitable new theme for my active blog. Also working on some tweaks here and there.

I hope next month will ease up for me, and all that work finished!





What a day! what a month it was!

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