Continuation of a dream

夢の続き(Yume no Tsuzuki) roughly translated as “continuation of a dream”. I feel like posting this ahead of Music Monday time, its a classic song by a band from Japan called 安全地帯 (Anzen Chitai).


Feel free to enjoy the song in Youtube video and the lyrics below;

安全地帯 (Anzen Chitai) – 夢の続き(Yume no Tsuzuki)

Yume no tsuzuki wa komorebi
Shizukana anata no hitomi
Tooku de piano ga
Kikoe teru

Aoi techiyou ni hasanda
Manatsu no futari no shashin
Yasashii kimochi ga
Kaze ni naru toki

Anata ga iru kara
Itsumo atatakai kara
Taisetsu na koto ga
Yoku wakaru

Yuugure omoide
Kinen no yubi wa sagashita
Anata ni niatta
Sore dake de

Ano hi soroi no boushi wa
Donna machi kado niite mo
Hitotsu ni hiro garu
Sora o shitteita

Anata ga iru kara
Ima demo mabushii kara
Samishii katta hibi mo

Anata ga iru kara
Itsumo atatakai kara
Nani yori yasashiku

Dore hodo kisetsu ga
Dore hodo meguri kite mo
Tanoshii katta hibi o

Meanwhile in The Rungitom, looks like my Blogger user interface has the option to switch into the new one.


Gonna check out whats cool about this new user interface, I recently restored my internet connection at home, and finally I can get more things done online and more info to dig out. I’m going to remodel my blog template again, since my current template took a beating from my constant experimentation. More minimalistic and clean cut looks is what I’m trying to achieve this time, so wish me luck ya. ^_^

As September rolls in, I looked back on what I had done months before… I am not happy. Looking to my current situation… double I am not happy.

There are so much things and work that I left behind, time to chase them back and settle them once and for all. I don’t care if I got into troubles and ubstacles along the way, hook or by crook, I will finish all and continue to the next step. I don’t want to sleep in September, I want to be wide awake and finish all the leftovers while pursuing my goals, and I ask again, wish me luck… every wish counts, thanks in advance. 🙂






If you have the motivation, I don’t think anything in this world is imposibble. First, you have to start moving. If you move, something will start. ~ Daiki Kaito, Kamen Rider Diend

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