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First of all I would like to share today’s(31st December) horoscope readings for me from Facebook:

Today we all have a Lunar Eclipse which happens to be a “Supermoon” which is much more powerful than an average new or Full Moon. The energy of this formation, which will affect all signs, asks you to keep your sense of humor, and that things are likely to multiply beyond expectation today. This particular Eclipse makes for difficulties during travel for you, Scorpio. Travel also includes shorter trips to places you’ve been before. Be careful that you don’t write anything, on paper or electronically, that you would not be willing to let the world see. You may miss an important message or piece of news, so make sure your technology is OK. Important news is likely to arrive from far away.

Yep, early morning of 1st January we will experience partial moon eclipse here at Malaysia. But something about “Be careful that you don’t write anything, on paper or electronically, that you would not be willing to let the world see.” that I raised my eyebrow. Well, I’m writing a blog so I do let the whole world of internet read or see what I do and write on my blog. Oh well, another one is about the lurve~

This is a day, Scorpio where you can put the intensity aside and enjoy exercising your free spirit. This is a situation that will also allow you to feel a little avante garde, and days like today are going to allow you to exercise your revolutionary qualities. These are the kinds of days that you relish, as you are feeling the freedom that comes with just being who you are, and being truly appreciated for it. You can expect to engage in thought provoking conversation today, and someone’s intelligence is definitely going to intrigue you today. The tempo in your romantic life is increasing, and though most will feel restless by these changes, you are handling things beautifully, and impressing those around you quite nicely.

I am a typical Scorpio, no doubt about it.

My year 2009, although great in one point, a big loss occurred  My work has been improved and I got the salary I wanted equally to my work. My third lil’ bro graduated from Matriculation and now studying at Masterskill College. My relationship has its ups and downs, but I’m still with her nonetheless.

5 Ino Berbuka Reunion

5 Ino Berbuka Reunion

The mini reunion of Inovatif class 2003 was held during the fasting season, although little in number we have a great time together. I was hoping that someday we could have an even greater one next year.

Super Short Hair

Super Short Hair

For the first time since 1998, I cut my hair short, I did it for a reason and my lady didn’t like it. She said to never do it again in the future. So that would be the first and the last I do my hair like that.

My dad, Bonius

My dad, Bonius

This year is a great loss to our family, my dad passed away after months battling cancer. Dad never finished teaching me all his experiences to us, my whole family and his close friends felt very sad for his passing. He was a great father and also a great friend, always teaching me to do good deeds to other and work for the family. Now me and my second brother step in to fill the role as the main provider for the family. I’m doing my best for the family, and hope I can be as great as my dad.
The year 2010 is coming in just a few hours now, gonna celebrate it and make lists of goals to achieve for next year. More challenges, surprises and blog posts coming for the first decade.




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