Wednesday Today: Over Limit!

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This morning I wonder why is my internet connection so slower than average; checked on my modems data transfer status, still have like 3 Gigabyte quota left for me to enjoy this DiGi Broadband.


Then I registered DiGi OCS (Online Customer Service), in which I reluctant to register since I used this service. Further investigation reveals that I did got pass the monthly quota (10 Gigabyte), increasing even more to the sky. Glad I won’t be charged for the extra usage, or else I get into even more mess.


So now I’m a user of throttled DiGi Broadband 128kbps, FML. Note to self, don’t trust the modem’s data usage counter; trust your service provider OCS who gives accurate information. I really hope someday when my income is steady again, I will use Streamyx internet service for a truly unlimited data usage.

Not because I admit its the very bests broadband service, but it is the ONLY unlimited data broadband service here in Sabah; my point being, no other choice than Streamyx. I just hope that I will not get the stupid hiccup involved during installation or when I’m in the middle of using the service; you heard how Malaysians always complains about this service.

And the newly launched Streamyx High Speed Broadband, haven’t heard of latest news about it since March, dumped already?

Maybe I’ll just sit and wait…

Playing zOMG on Gaia Online is what prompted this to happen I think. Gaia Online, I registered on this site last week (or is it last last week?); a social networking-forum-games site with cute anime-character as your avatar/avi, in which you can take a walk in a world where you can interact with other users live.

I’m kinda addicted to their MMORPG called zOMG, no glorious graphic or whatever fancy things like other MMO; but I like it because it is fun to play with. Completing quests, upgrading power rings and occasional gold farming with other users. So fun playing it, I forgot to check my data usage and I’m staying in this quota deadlock until next month.


Continuing on, tomorrow I will be sending yet another application form to a company and another two applications I will do later via online. Its kinda frustrating to play the waiting game and I really home the employer to really notice me and give me a chance to work with them.

My lil’ brother has been bothering me to find a new job before next month, and that irritates me because I have yet getting any responses from the companies that I have sent my job application. In the meantime, sketching and go online is what I do best for now.

Do you like The Sims? If you do not fancy playing it but like the stories made out of it; why not stop by and go to fellow blogger Sapphire St latest creative creation,

>>> The Vanglorious Legacy<<<


The story of a lady named Ashton Vanglorious.

Flashes back memories when I’m still playing The Sims 2…






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4 Responses

  1. maslight says:

    The connection has been slow lately *sigh.

  2. CathJ says:

    ayaaa… talk about bband… boleh tinggi darah mummy oh…hahahhahaha…

    Ya agree… streamyx not the very best tapi paling worth lah mau pakai… cuma can't bring anyway la..

    aik?? kau pakai digi?? bukan kau warga maxis kah tu?? heheheh… jgn marah bosss… ^_^

  3. Rungitom says:

    @maslight: Internet was never awesome after 2007.

    @CathJ: itu dulu, skrg bkn sama Maxis lg hehehe, tempat saya line DiGi lbh baik dr broadband lain. Pakai mana2 brand pun ok ma, 1 Malaysia kn haha~

  4. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    i used to spend AGES playing the sims! till sims 3!

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