The Rungitom: March 2011 Recap

When was the last time I do monthly blog recap?

Well, here I am, back active again on my newly rebranded blog “The Rungitom”. Formerly my blog was known as “Rungitom Life” since her first inception back in November 2009. But some time by the end of last year, my personal issue get the best of me and all what I blog about was just some emo rants. That surely made a negative impression(by readers) on my blog.

So now I talk less about my really-personal stories and focused on more cool stories, yeah!, cool stories that I like, and you liked it too. The blog design will go more simple than what you see right now, and I plan to expand myself and my blog exposure to another level in the blogging world.

What I write is just plain simple and entertaining from my point of view, I couldn’t compose any thought provoking articles that is umm… good. I wish I really could do it, but my skills haven’t reached that level yet, but do enjoy reading my stories and share your thought too.

The new name for my blog signals a new beginning to my blogging style, but its not until March where it really ignited and flaming with fires of passionate blogging. It all started with this blog post, it goes with a big bang and thats where I get back to share more.

This month witnessed what the world called “Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami”

The effects were devastating; apart from lost of lives and infrastructure, right now Japan are still struggling to keep their nuclear reactor (Fukushima Dai-ichi) from exploding. But they cannot stop the radiation leak, now exposed openly to the vast seas. Then there were more earthquakes in Myanmar and Sumatra, man.. what will happen again to this planet in the future?


Also in my blog, I began to look into entertainment stories, just like the Elizabeth Taylor and Wonder Woman post. As long as it is not a too emo post, I will share it with you guys. But I will not lose my personal touch, this is a personal blog to begin with and I don’t want it to be typical entertainment blog.

So where were we… oh! be alert for my next batch of blog posts, The 10 Day You Challenge. That should be a great opening posts for the month of April. See you again in my next post.






Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself. ~ Robert Collier

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4 Responses

  1. Dwi Wahyudi says:

    Hello bro, welcome back to blogging world. Your blog rank now 2 million, not much more to up that again. Go…go…go…

  2. Rungitom says:

    Thanks bro. 😀

  3. lunaticg says:

    Found your blog before you comment in my SBC blog. I thought you will never write in here again. Welcome back.

  4. Rungitom says:

    Hi lunaticg, thanks for the welcoming wish. I will write more often from now on. 🙂

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