Meeting a blogger in person for the first time…

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Actually yesterday, I met one of the BC Buddy Blogger in person, Nerdy Ned the author of The Chosen One blog. Me and my team were on a mission to introduce Maxis corporate packages to the school.

It started of when I was briefing about the packages to one of the teacher, and then I saw this laptop, which shows a blog with the BC Buddy banner on; just beside his desk. So I asked him who was sitting at the desk… he said it was Ned and he was watching over a class which was on exam time right at that time. He said again that he was the author of the blog. And I was “OMG, he’s the one? Can’t believe this!”

Ahahaha, Ned is the first ever BC Buddy I meet in person, shake hands with him and tell how great his blog is; and also talks about BC Buddy Blogger Awards. We have our litle chat before he have to go back to take care of the class, and I have to take care of more potential customer. I wonder how many more I could meet up in the future…





Meeting a blogger in person for the first time, what more to say?

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6 Responses

  1. HoneyBUZZin says:

    Hi Rungitom – Hehe…and u r a blogger urself. Surely, he'll be as surprise as u.
    I will place my vote on u too. Good Luck.

  2. Deanona says:

    wow.. saya belum pernah tejumpa siapa2.. ehehe =)

  3. Ned Gumbilai Tumunda says:

    hahaha…siou tidak dapat layan ko betul time tu sebab sa jaga kelas ba.. hehehe..lain kali, kalau ko datang lagi, kita ceta2… hehehe

    nanti ko join bloggers gathering la.. every year derang buat tu.. hehehe

  4. Rungitom says:

    @HoneyBUZZin: Its a rare thing to happen to me, thanks for voting me ^_^

    @Deanona: meybe next time I'll be bumping you 😛

    @Ned: hehehe, its ok Ned, saya pun busy juga ma. Nanti kami datang lagi sana untuk second round.

    I am interested to join the bloggers gathering, macam best ja ni 😀

  5. nc says:

    ooo..ko sda jumpa si cigu ned ka? hehe..
    bah,,bleh buat unofficial gathering bah kalau mau.. hehe

  6. Rungitom says:

    hehe bleh juga bh Nancy, in the meantime I'm pretty busy under the sun

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