It goes without saying

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Here I am again showcasing more of my past camera works; gadgets used here are Microtek digital camera, Sony Ericsson camera phone K750 and W800.

Just a random shot to the place that I have been through, no extra editing has been made once again, just applying my photo badge. Here are some of my CameraWorks:

Ready Or Not
Artsy Smile
Shine Through
Dawn VIew from Kudat Marina Jetty

Do visit my Flickr page to see more of my camera works, and give some constructive comments. I like the pictures I took, as my blog title said “It goes without saying” because picture does not talk; only showcasing the beauty in the eye of the beholder.






It goes without saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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2 Responses

  1. nc says:

    wow..cantik o 🙂
    see.. one doesn't even need a DSLR to prove that one can take GOOD picture.. kn? hehe

  2. Rungitom says:

    Hehe, there are Pro and Cons about using both of them.

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