No internet

What a bad day, well for this particular part…

This morning after I woke up, I boot up my PC so I can go online after I took my bath. But when I came back, something was not right. I can’t connect to the internet and my mobile broadband seems “dead”. When I check out the device, it was oddly hot and smelled like short circuit burn, dang…

I was hoping that device would still work, so I brought it to work, testing it to my work PC. It was useless, still dead… now I hope that the broadband SIM card was not damaged along with it. I have to search for my broadband device warranty card to see if I could replace it with a new one, if not… hmm, there goes my money.

Hate this feeling…


But hey!, with the absence of internet at home for the moment, I can do other things. My world is still here even if the internet has gone, mujajajajaja~

It will be like 2 weeks before I can get a new device, that of course if I don’t find my warranty card or the warranty has already expired. 😀





I no has internets

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7 Responses

  1. chegu carol says:

    yeah, the world is still here. just that, it feels different. macam rasa tiada minum kupi ni hehehe…

    i just had my side of no internet juga recently. the internet was restored this morning. some cable failure.

  2. Twofivesix[256] says:

    *giggles. The illustration is so funny. *Lols. I've been that way too before. My modem was broken and it was fixed in 2 weeks. Back then, when I left my modem at the office/home, I found out that I'm so progressive with my work. Thinking of this…sometimes when I have a lot of work to do, I WISH I FORGOT to bring my modem, and sometimes I just purposely forget to bring it so I get many work done. Enjoy the life without internet when you still can, Tom. Hahahaha. All the best 🙂

  3. beaty says:

    alal knp teda internet..mcm kosong hidup kalo teda Internet kan

  4. luke says:

    haih y only tis blog is updated

  5. Rungitom says:

    @Chegu Carol: I survived the night! ahaha XD

    @256: Thanks ya ehehe, I shall enjoy the nights without going online. 😉

    @beaty: Buleh, sa masih ok lagi ne, blum lagi gila XD

    @Luke: Kaizoku Senta Gokaiger and Super Robot Taisen story on draft, will publish soon. 😀

  6. Mrs.MyGaman BorNeo says:

    ayooo … rasa x sempurna hidup tanpa internet zaman karang.

  7. Rungitom says:

    @Mrs.MyGaman: Apa boleh buat, modem rosak 😀

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