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This morning I go out to work without a good breakfast, I have to rush today for apparently… I don’t know what is my reason. I realized that my spare change is only enough to pay for the bus fare, RM100 note is all I have left. After I arrived at my destination, I go to 7-Eleven to make some money-change-with-buying-things. Brought a few things that include V-Soy drink and a Celcom top-up, the cashier is having hard times making change for my RM100 note(sorry lady, but I need a change).
After that I “tapau” a kon-lau-mien Sarawak style(my fave) with selected toppings from a restaurant I frequently go to have a meal. And then finally,  my daily chore to pick up company’s newspaper, to my surprise FHM Malaysia February edition is on the shelves, so I picked that up too.
Arriving at office I speak it out loud “It’s good to be back!”, there are only two staff in the office at that moment… no applause(what did I hope for?). Sitting down with all the stuffs which I brought previously..
Hannah Tan, hawtt!~

Hannah Tan, hawtt!~

The special tapau with V-Soy drink(Top Class!)

The special tapau with V-Soy drink(Top Class!)

But… something went wrong…


As I expect, the bills have not yet been paid, I so go stealing some unsecured wireless access point to go online. While the account department is busy paying the bills and restoring the service again, I enjoy my breakfast and sort office things out for the day.

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4 Responses

  1. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    sedap ka the V-soy? 😀

  2. Rungitom says:

    It is lady, smooth and creamy.Must try 😀

  3. Gladys David says:


    Kalo can curi line, then better ur company dont need to pay the internet bill.. until the owner of the unsecured wireless connection sedar and go put password XD

  4. Rungitom says:

    The thing is, signal strength is low, it may break anytime. The unsecured wireless area is like two floors up

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