Rungitom: Second Ignition

O hai everyone, its been a long time since I’ve been messing around with my blog, how ya doing? great? Awesome!!

Over the past month I was kinda lazy to update on a regular basis; and I did think to shut down Rungitom Life for good, because I feel that telling bad emo stories will only ruin it, but~ I didn’t.

Instead I focus on my other blog that is¬†exe_hunter blog, a WordPress blog hosted on my friend’s server.

Then I began to think of rebranding(so to speak) my blog and cut off personal stories as much as possible and put in some more cool story. By that time, I was either busy with my work, playing games(Super Robot Taisen J), or taking my time on my other blog.

The designing process on my new blog template still need a few touch up here and there, anyway I’m back with a new name and a new kind of stories to be shared.

Presentation style, no more grammatically correct or such formal English language when I’m posting new stuff, I just go with the flow of conversational english, and maybe some manglish and lolspeak too, yeah the feelsgoodman way.

If you’re too stiff when reading my blog post, you may end up sticking to the chair or eyes glued to the monitor until someone noticed and rescue you… feelsbadman.

So today I have 2 things that I want to share with you guys today…

First, Justin Bieber in MAD! magazine:


Second, hmm, in my last post, Song of songs, 3 bloggers blogged about music and all appear simultaneously in my blog feed. Just recently, I got this:


These are blog post from Melzie, and Lady 256

Eh… give me your thoughts when you see this image. ūüėÄ

Life goes on, The Rungitom blog is taking the other road and venture a new experience, so see ya in my next post ok?





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  1. January 7, 2015

    […] I never stopped blogging, I moved on with more diverse blog entry¬†in 2010 before my blog entered Second Ignition, changed my blog layout from sheer darkness and shine a light to […]

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